Feast and be delighted

Feast and be delighted
the roses disrobe
in obedience
for a flower chosen
by such as she
gladly relinquishes
its skin
the almond earth
righteously gives her pigment power
as the starfish anoint her eyes
she hides not her grace
but protects the world
from her compelling face
she needs not touch
for that would be too much
imprisoned by her own beauty
she watches
the love of others
waiting for a lovesmith power
to sharpen
her womanly tools

you tell me everything
but I keep secrets
you unravel vicious tales
but I keep secrets
you like about you
you lie about me
you lie about them
you lie about us
but I keep red velvet
bandana secrets
you spin fancy yarns
embroider fancy stories
I smile a one cornered smile
and keep secrets
you depart full and tantalized
I remain engorged and hungry
full of my secrets

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