Bonnie and Clyde

The Portrait

(take one)
your eyes are the easel
my canvas leans upon
let my smile be the lipstick
of your brush
my laughter
the every etch of your pen
may the sway of
my hips persuade
the perspective
of your thoughts
and the perfume of my breath
shadow the steps
of your decision

(take two)
love is
no respecter
of persons
love breathes
piercing it's
romeo-ed and julietted
anthonied and cleopatraed arrow
straight and true.
a lovers last stance
of romance
is to die hand in hand
remembering their alamo
it was good while it lasted
as the gunpowder rain blasted.
alas my tainted lover
the poisons
of parting
are such bitter-sweet sorrows

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