Men Know

At My Death
let me not
gather a crowd
or die out loud
let me not
be tangled
in a star studded spangle
of fireworks and fanfare
let me not be remembered
or cross timbered between two thieves
just lay me on my back
on a burlap sack
and cover me please
with dry leaves

The Crowd
they gather
round the hole
looking past
the dinosaurs
to see the
geisha girl
standing naked
a metallic blood red
she looks up
at the hole in her ceiling
she winks
the men
stumble back
then embarrassed
they have
ejaculated upon one another

Heart Break
shin splintered hearts
run marathons
skiing down barren
snow slopes on surf boards
ice skating on race tracks
as cars zip past

The Accident
it was a horrific accident
body parts were strewn
from yesterday to nigh noon
all gathered
as their mouths lathered
around a heart
still beating
"is it man or woman?"
she asked
"surely woman"
he answered
"for men know when love is dead"

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