Little White Lies, Big Black Secrets and Loud Mouthed Women

Don't Touch Me
you slept with
a dark one
in between blades
of green grass
you swapped spit
and sweat
and yet
you crawl
between my linens
smelling of dark meat and
nappy coconut
thinking I will perform as she
think ye

walking papers
get legs and
talk from
pulpits and talk shows
where nobody knows.
they expound expertise
about nothing.
cabbage soup
explains it all.

Defining Moments
treasures of
unwashed laundry
dried tree limbs
closet skeletons
laceless sneakers
keyless locks
moth eaten frocks
unthought of compliments
wedding rings
are the things
that define her.
coffers of
unpolished silver
spin the bottle bottles
cracked hubcaps
broken mirrors.
these are her legacies.
unkissed kisses
near misses
unridden merry go rounds
unspoken kitchen table sounds
chipped nail polish
braided hang nails and
gratitude abolished
these are the regrets she brings

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