The Chosen
she spat on
being called
she rolled
her eyes
debasing the bourgeois.
she not only lived
but breathed on
the edge
of all the men she loved

she gave up
conscious control
of her love
binding her will
then rapidly
wrapped her legs
around his mind

Hit List
(lettuce trilogy poem 1)

let us compare
hit lists of those
we promise
to pretend to love

Treasures Of Doing Nothing
(lettuce trilogy poem 2)

let us make
treasures of
whale underbellies
spread our organic toast
with rancid toe jam
condition our hair with aerosol cans of
putrid yellow tooth plaque
wade on the beach of
aborted babies
and shout hurrah
to the Hitler in us all

She Krazies
(lettuce trilogy poem 3)

Let us know
there is no crazy
like the insanity of
the unsighted
when blindsided
by dear john's
"it's not you, it's me"
"I;m not ready yet"
"you deserve someone better"
she leaves her
blood rusted scissors
to cure in the rain
as she embroiders
poor john with strands
of her Repunzel hair.
She embellishes Hector John's
severed scrotum with
beads of sweat and the button
from this belly.
she pieces it to
her krazy-quilt
masterpiece of
teddy john,
maxwell john
kevin john
charles john
humming as she
prepares it
for the queen of England
her scissors smile
curing perfectly

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