The Angel Quintology

Standing Guard
the angel was
sent to mind
what the man
wouldn't mind
and it hovered to cover
and protect the neglect
but man was so rifle
armed and electrically alarmed
that the angel was output
all she could do was just look
the angel landed
two cars
a huge road burn
on her right leg
synging the feathers on her left wing
breaking the tip off of the other
and the none-seatbelt-wearing-uninsured
never once
thank you
The Death Hankering
lay me down angel
lay me down
my reach is gone
my sight is bent
my nostrils act as one
nobody sleeps beside me
or hears me listening
lay me down angel
lay me down
Angel Message
run tell
i'm not
Angel Response
i ain't
telling jesus
you are on
your own

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