the nation with
the most rice wins
lives were wasted
counting and accounting for
every grain
the enemy infiltrated
with boll weasels and
were counter attacked
with a plague of flies
maggots paraded
and cocooned at the
banquet table of peace
nobody ate
yet the people were famished
and the soldiers
on both sides
grew weak
dying for
the nation with
the most rice
to win
while the boll weasels
and maggots
peacefully dined
Fallen Angel
the angel of darkness grabbed earth
bared her breasts
she scratched
click went the bloodied paparazzi
what a pair they made
documenting her sins
as they scoffed at
the angel of light.
the angel of light
danced mountain sermons
enticing the fallen angel
with two fish and five loaves of bread
blinded by blackness
darkness hissed and tossed her head
she bristled and arched her back
went the martingale of the night
his laughter
confused her dawning dusk
she snarled
looked behind at her
hunched her soiled shoulders
against the wind
and spewed out lies
that caught like
barb wire in her throat
leaving raindrops of
for children
to play in
Bury Me
bury me naked
i don't want to
waste time
changing clothes
in heaven
bury me in a
coffin full
of water

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