The Boss
last bread bite
coffee's cold
he blew his nose
snorted back some phlegm
swallowed it down
dug in his ear
adjusted the he of him
he brushed the crumbs
into his hand
from the porch he tossed
the birds came right to his feet
they knew who was boss
so who's who
and what's what
there's not very much
to say
hello, how are you, fine, thanks for asking
phooey patoowie another
dreadful fake filled day
this and that
and these and those
and the proverbial "they"
paddy wack
brick and brack
why even bother
in bed I'll stay
he drove his motorcycle
onto the porch right
through the front door
papers, clothes, food
computer cords
pillow cushions
flew everywhere
he revved 3 times
that was her cue
she hopped on
panties, bra
and a flannel shirt
"no brakes baby?"
she asked.
"no brakes, darlin'"
he growled
"hold on"
she purred
he said
he revved 3 times and
off they sped

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