The Godly Gifts

God was walking along singing His song
When He saw a daughter that to Him she belonged
Angels come quickly I’ve something for you all to do
See that one, Yolantha? I want her joy to renew
Go find me a present to make her smile
Hurry, hurry, don’t take a long while
The angels returned with all kinds of stuff
But every thing they brought didn’t please God enough
One brought a lake another a tree
One brought some books another a honeybee
One brought a zebra another an octopus
Another a galaxy another a bush
There were fancy mirrors, restaurant coupons and even a moose
One angel even backed in with a caboose
One brought a snowflake another a bowling ball
Another a bat cave but God rejected them all
The angels shuffled their feet their task incomplete
They twitched and turned every which way
Along came the empty handed littlest angel
“Master, Father I have something to say
All the other Angels eyebrows lifted, elbowing and snickering at
This tiny angel standing ungifted
Humbly but boldly, “Yes I do have something to say
I know what you can give your Yolantha if you may
Clamored the other angels causing a ruckus and a fray
“Yes?” leaned in God.
The little Angel whispered, “Give her Erin Salay”
God smiled a glorious smile and thought of a way
And gave Erin to Yolantha That very, very day
9 years later
God called His Angel waiter
“That Yolantha again has caught my eye
Tell Gabriel to sound the angel horn
But don’t tell Him why
When the horn blows
Each angel knows
To drop every job, started finished or undone
When the angel tune is played they must come on the run
Whether they are doing the rare, the daily things or the uncommon
They immediately stop when
By God they are summoned
There arrived a huge host
Of which only God can boast
God said, “It’s a new chapter and there’s something I’m after
“once again she’s crossed my mind
Although 9 years before
You angels complained and whined
But get ye ready to find
Another gift it’s Yolantha time
There came a huge sigh from the Angels on high
All in unison their wings did droop
But in obedience they left heaven and went on the snoop
They returned with loads of things
Necklaces ankle bracelets and rings
Cowry shells, exotic flower seeds and fancy tumble weeds
One brought a mountain
Another an exquisite fountain
They had searched the universe, every nook village and county
And came back to heaven with all kinds of bounty
One big muscular angel said,“ I don’t mean to annoy,
But God she has a girl, just give her a boy
Yes, yes a boy with tractors and fishing poles and rock and roll
And dandilion puffs and airplanes and trains and stuff
A small voice said no,no for yolantha that’s too rough
All the other angels heads gave a turn, then looked at each other with a spurn
Then God’s tiniest angel came with nothing in her hand
She asked if she could approach
God gave the yes command
She crawled in God’s lap
And got very near and whispered a whisper
In His Almighty ear
It worked so well
The Erin gift was swell
In spite of the rarest of rubies and biggest pearl
My vote, Master, is another girl
God smiled real big and gave
The littlest angel the gig
Take back the rubies and bric a brac and pearls
By george I’m gonna do it
I’m giving Yolantha another girl
My littlest angel this gift by what name?
God, Let’s call her DIAMOND ELAINE

9 more years passed and God cleared His throat
When The Angels appeared God past out a memo note
Frustrated and down hearted all the angels departed
A third gift search for Yolantha was started
One angel returned flying a 747 jet--
too loud said the angels
She would prefer something quiet?
With that there was almost a heavenly riot
Her own personalized cumulous cloud
A cloud’s too quiet the gift must be heard
A toucan one angel shouted
An ostrich, no a peacock
It must be a beautiful bird
The angels rallied and rangled
Over whales and pandas and jewelry spangles
But Gift after gift God declined from all the angels
He said,
Yolantha’s older, more mature
Over half a century ripe
No fancy cars, ointment jars
Perfumes or the usual hype
“how bout the world’s largest pipe?
Some angels laughed and some protested
not wanting to be bested
the littlest angel squatted thinking
Not even once blinking
Then made eye contact with God
God gave a nod
Not again Lord, listen to me, let that little angel be
give Yolantha
A life time supply of designer suits
Yes Lord give us your nod that little thing never brings any loot
Master you know how Yolantha loves leather thigh high boots
How about some stars that across the heaven shoot
Or an owl that hoot-hoot-hoots
No said the littlest angel then whispered, one word
That only God heard
God grabbed the littlest angel caressed her hair then tossed her in the air
He caught her then kissed her tiny snoot
Consider it done, I’ve decided, He announced
I’ve giving Yolantha…Knut

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