Under Cover

Plastic Characteristics
there's no character
in plastic
no integrity
no winning ways
or ecstatic ecstasies
it's just plastic
no heart beat, no heroism
just run of the mill plastic
I Am That I Am
i was
but now
i'm not
the once upon a time
royalty that
i am
i stand
to be
The Purchase
I bought me
a man today
he was wrapped
tightly in plastic
i will pose him in my flower pot
in the east window
and see if he will
grow, or sprout or
if not
i'll take the pruning shears
and cut him back
and place him on the west side
and still if not
i will wander
what color thumb
it takes to
grow me a man
A Short Ode to War
it matters not
the vessel
that brings home
fallen heroes
nor the shell that
transports living bravery
it only matters
that they arrive

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