The Consequences of Birthing
as unto earth
we birth
what we teach
man will preach
what we spurn
man will return
with murderous deeds
and ugly seeds
of hurt and despair
and foul tasting air
through rapes and pillage
of the innocent's village
with systemic war
over gold as black as tar
he will spit and curse the God above
for lack of a mother's love
women as unto earth...
we birth.
Woman's ignorance
is the ticket
to blissful
Motherland whimpers
shedding not a tear
for the only answer man will hear
is one shrouded in fear
War Is Not For Women
the trojan amazon
stood before him
metal suited
sword wielded
she returned home
as is
hair matted in blood
she had walked through deaths flood
now here she stood
a woman soldier in boldness
a heart of warmth now
protected in coldness
in the doorway,
he gently took off her armour
not one word was said
many she fought beside were lost or dead
she had mastered not being afraid
her face still wore a warriors wrath
his lips touched hers
for a cleansing kiss bath
he kissed her hairline
behind her ear, to her spine
lingering at the small of her back
the roughness of his unshaven chin on her behind
she began to shiver causing him to quiver
she allowed her pain to part the smallest sliver
he kissed and caressed
not minding the time it would take
to coax her softness awake
and unleash the tears
she kept hidden
and war had forbidden
she allowed him to pick her up
as her hard eyes began to blur and shed
vinegar droplets he placed her on his bed
she curled into a fetal position
sobbing for the authentic tradition
of women who birth babies they tend from their breast
instead of tossing grenades into another woman's
he covered her with a flannel sheet
curled his body around hers
chasing her chills with his body heat
finally she fitfully slept
he guarded her
and inspite of his man-ness he wept
for tomorrow he'd have to dress her
in a three piece suit
hand her a briefcase
and high heel pumps
instead of combat boots.

"Unleash The Tears", Knut Kargel
Melted Collage, 2012

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