Roach Infested Dreams

Teach Me
"teach me"
she said,
"teach me"
"flattery" he said
"will learn you everything"
The Judge
he has the freedom
to be he
i judge him not
but he is freedom obsessed
to judge me
that's just the way
he says
it has to be
A Good Book
she sleeps away her day
up all night
living life
between someone
else's pages
Roach Infested Dreams
a beautiful muscular dream
sat down beside her
"who are you?"
"I am your---was."
she sobbed.
the dream
wrapped his
awesome could have been arms
around her.
she lay her head
in the assurance of his lap.
she awakened
to a roach
crawling down her leg
Thunder, Are You Okay?
it's was raining
gentle rain
and then
the thunder
fell and bumped
his head
and screamed
scaring the
rain away
are you okay?
he growled
rubbing the
big ol' knot
on his forehead
"i'll be all
gentle rain
came out from under
her bed
and began
to play again
Ride, Tide, Ride
she wrote a poem
he painted a picture
to go with the poem
and then she wrote a poem
to match that painting
and it went on as long
as the tide
would ride the
the artist's forever poem"
job description #1
to make sense
out of the nothingness
of everything
job description #2
to make everything
out of the sense
of nothing
job description #3
and any other
assignments pertinent
to job description #1 and #2

"Roach Infested Dreams", Knut Kargel
Melted Collage, 2012

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