Weathering The Storm

Ocean Or No Ocean
or Weathering The Storm
you are free
as always to
poem or not to poem the poem,
I judge you not,
I say
let our arts speak for themselves,
if you are in conflict
with the trees of my poem
you are free to uproot it or censure it from your forest,
or better yet to not ever let it be planted.
we can dance the dance of avoidance
play a one sided
nice nice with patriotism
and nice nice with godless religions
ocean or no ocean
I shall continue to art
you know the slant of your market
you choose the poems
for that slant
you have always had the
freedom to do that
you and only you
know the motive of the market you seek
ocean or no ocean
I shall continue to art
you say that i would not
like a person who does not
speak his whole self
yet always people prefer that
I speak less than the fullness of me
you say
"my patriotism will not be
taken seriously in any way in Europe"
ocean or no ocean
I shall continue to art
One Eyebrow
she butchered her bangs
no body commented
she used acrylic
to engage
she rainbow painted her
still her friends
pretended politeness
saying nothing
even when she shaved
and arrived wearing only one

"Weathering The Storm", Knut Kargel
Melted Collage 2012

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