On The Yellow Brick Road

how could she give up the
banquet inside of her
for love of a simpler song?
what love would
condition her to
give up all the jazz
that she was?
where was the orchestral
love of acceptance?
how could she love
one instrument at a time
Spirit Breakers
spirit breakers
put in place
that undermine
The Wish
her heart ached
like a rotting molar pillaging
her thoughts
and karate chopping her spine
and stagnating her steps.
her love felt weak
and clumsy
befriended by the drone
of the fan
swallowing the heat of her
wish for a man.
follow the yellow brick road,
follow the yellow brick road,
follow the yellow brick road.
she draped her legs
over his shoulders
and let him feast
she screamed
stifling her pillow dream
Sleep Sleep Sleep... or
He Abandoned Her
the shadow of need
was so thick she
felt its spoken breath
on her bosom
and its demanding
hands on the base
of her spine.
her thighs protested
her mind's restraint.
her yearning nipples
hung like
adornments on huge
vines laden with
waiting to be
removed of their
succulent bounty.
she conjured the thoughts
to unlatch
sleep, sleep, sleep...
blocking the questions
that nightly spilled
from her thighs

"On The Yellow Brick Road", Knut Kargel
Melted Collage, 2012

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