Pearl Harbor

Love Wars I

Love War I
to our faces
mama loves us
all alike
behind our backs
she says
"I hate children,
but of all of my children
I love you best"
daddy wasn't
a rolling stone
and he never
wore a hat
and he couldn't
tell a house
from a home
Man of the House
since when
did turkeys
start bringing
home the
Pearl Harbor
the harbor was
covered with pearls
a well dressed
woman always
wears clams
and smells of
The Shore
the shore was
cayenne pepper red
the ocean and the sky was one
it was full moon
the heavens were over crowded
so aborted fetuses
kept slipping from
the sky
bathing the shore
cayenne pepper red
Professional Choice
beware a woman
of pro-choice for
she has no problem
with a decision
to kick you to
the curb

"Pearl Harbor", Knut Kargel
Melted Collage, 2012

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