Rough Around the Edges

Love Wars II

The Thin Line
about love
this must
be war
But I Let Love Go
i let the
butterfly go
it returned
a moth
so i no longer
wanted it
mama said
uncle "stole my innocence"
but i didn't know
what it was when
he was stealing it.
he said "it was a game"
that's not what webster said.
according to webster
both uncle and mama
are wrong.
does the dictionary
have typos?
Dead Halves
whose baby
was it?
nobody knows
for each
sleeps with
their dead half
The Wife
he can't stand
the whine of her voice
but even worse
he can't stand her silence
May Day
"pull up! pull up! pull up"
she instructed in a panic
over his intercom
"you're coming in too close, too close!!!
too fast, may day, may day, may day!"
he yanked off his earphones
and aimed
right into her heart.
Rough Around the Edges
there was
nothing left
to tweak
i had perfected him
now he is hers
i should have
just left him
rough around
the edges

"Rough Around the Edges", Knut Kargel
Melted Collage, 2012

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