The Controller

Love Wars III

War Funding
children order
death kits
from the internet
and charge the
war on their
parents gold
visa cards
don't let
parents off
the hook
throw them
back in
Civil War
don't be confused
by left overs
you understood
them the first time around
War Was Beautiful
it attracted nations
it was the patriotic death of choice
the moo juice to
sustain the gator-ades
of mass destruction.
one death at a time
was nothing compared
to a full village slaughter.
it was big business
for small minded men.
even the mushroom hungs
larger than life
beautifully encompassing the entire museum wall.
bodies rotted and returned to the soil
the earth drank hungrily
the stupidity of man
war was beautiful
as women feasted on women
wearing nothing but
wet t-shirts that smelled
of boardroom cigars
war was beautiful
The Controller
who decided
when to
stop crying?
who measures
the tears of an ouch
the tears of a fender bender
the tears of joy
the tears of war?
who controls
the controls?

"The Control Controller", Knut Kargel
Melted Collage, 2012

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