Yellow Snow

Why Are Cowards Yellow
daisies and daffodils
and gigantic sunflowers
could not embrace
the yellow bellied
Thank God It Was Raining
the urine ran
into a puddle
at his feet
the old man
stepped aside
so no one would
it was his
I Saw It Fall From The Sky
the sun
lay on the
a child scorched
his fingers
trying to pick
it up
his mother said
"don't pick that up
leave it alone
we don't know where
that has been"
the little boy whimpered
and sucked his burning fingertips
"mama, i saw it
fall from the sky"
"take your fingers out of your mouth
that's nasty"
"but mama, I did, I did see it fall from the sky"

"Yellow Snow", Knut Kargel
Melted Collage, 2012

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