Secret's Secret

I Gave Him The Keys
whose sheep's clothing
are hanging in my closet
while a man with fangs and claws
is driving my car?
It's Her Birthday
she put on red high heels
with blue spangled socks
and a striped red and white
sequinned dress
at her exposed bosom
she suckled
the tired
the poor
the huddled masses
yearning still
to breathe free
she righted the starry
diadem upon her
God lifted head
listening to auto-tuned
medleys of patriotic songs
as an array of rockets
burst in the air
around the concrete
cascade of her hair
America, baby,
she is still beautiful
Secret's Secret
she hath secrets
that behoove secrets
to dare not speak
her secrets have secrets
on her secrets
the key to unsecret her
hath no secrets
for the key is
to have no secrets
The Ruination of Man
the clock no longer ticks
it hums
never taking that break
to gather the energy
to tock, it just hums
denying the moment between
the inhale and the exhale
no breath between the breather
this hum
is the ruination of man
Heartless Women
her ribs forgot
and her heart
rolled from the bed
to the floor
picking up particles
of hair and lint and
tiny pebbles that hid
in the carpet
he stumbled from
the shower and
blindly toed the heart
into a far corner of the
room then
leaped upon her
taking her without
a thought to the
lifeless look in her eyes

"Between The Inhale And The Exhale", Knut Kargel
Melted Collage, 2012

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