The Essence Of Legacy

The Essence Of Legacy
one cannot live
without leaving something behind,
be it intentional or unintentional,
positive or negative,
for people will learn
from each of us
what to do or not to do,
what to be like or
not to be like,
in essence
our legacy precedes us
whether it be a legacy of
action, destruction, encouragement or apathy...
we teach by
every breath held, inhaled or exhaled.
the carcass
of her heart
lay like roadkill
on the highway
of her life
barely recognizable
as any human
humanitarian remain
not discarded
not dumped
not abandoned
along the side of the road
but a woman
that had been hit
then run over time and time again
by 18 wheeler mac trucks
masquerading as men

"Barely Recognizable", Knut Kargel
Melted Collage, 2012

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