No Flow

The Gaurantee
Just because I agree
does not make us correct...
it all has to do you see
with the way you treat you
will guarantee the choices of
the way you treat me
Maybe Next Time You'll Listen
father time looked over his shoulder,
the knuckles of his hands turning white
"don't let me have to stop this earth
and get out and come back there"
man rolled his eyes making faces
behind father time's back
"don't think I don't see you and know what
you're doing. Just wait til I get you home"
"just wait til I get you home" imitated man
crossing his eyes and sticking out his tongue
time swerved the earth
a cup of ocean spilled out of man's plastic cup
causing a vast tsunami over japan
man began to cry
father time said,
maybe next time you'll listen"
No Flow
there is no flow
just a tumultuous rush
whispers are gone
raucous sirens are one
static and staccato
grinds silk and satin
the jaws of circumstance
overtakes yes and no perchance
there is no flow
there is no flow
there is no flow

"Silk And Satin", Knut Kargel
Meleted Collage, 2012

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