When Next You Love
when next you love
love like you mean it
for divorce is
just around the
Touch Not
my skin
just blow
the whisper
of your love
til my flesh
answers from
her pores
giving back
every breath
you breathe
can you feel it
i can
can you feel it
i can
Seasoned Lovers
two minds
as one
no more
a la carte
yet free to love
a la mode
Sometimes I read my work
and wonder what manner of mush is this?
other times I read the words
of a sage wiser than age
and wonder what manner
of manna is this?
Deep Cacophony
the dearth of worth
over rides
the depth of work
subjugating the scarcity
of life's inadequate supply

"The Manner Of Manna", Knut Kargel
Melted Collage, 2012

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