Earth Didn't Make It

Earth Didn't Make It
or "When Pigs Fly"

the other planets whispered
and shook their heads in sadness,
"Earth didn't make it" remembered when
she was without form and void
just a black hole in the universe
and the water and land and the day and night
were just one
because of man
she folded her arms across
her vast mountains and turned
within the darkness of herself again
"watch out for man" the other planets chided
shook their heads
turned on their axis
and walked away
"maybe again some explosive day"
said a saddened sun of a star
"when pigs fly"
whispered the remnants of mother earth
"when pigs fly"
Boy, Dad, You're Old
what's that? son asked
"it's rain
i remember the rain when I was a little boy"
"daddy, it hurts, it's burning my skin"
"yes, son, time to go in"
"Pops did it burn when you were a little boy?"
"no rain was just wet
refreshing and wet and we ran and splashed in it"
"boy, dad, you're old"
He Leans
she aches
she yearns
she is driven
she is obsessed
to love
a volcano
spewing estrogen
like lava into
the hemisphere.
all men run away
except for one.
he leans across
the ocean...
and listens.

"Estrogen Lava", Knut Kargel
Melted Collage, 2012

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