Unsung Treasure

Signet Ring
she was the
unsung treasure
of a forgotten king
the lost jewel of
authenticity in
his signet ring
she foraged
the garbage and smelled of trash
and worked street corners for beggars cash
while he searched in other women
for something he had lost
buying wine, horsed and paintings
no matter the cost
yet nothing satisfied his depth and unction
his scars wouldn't heal and caused dysfunction
she had peace not knowing what she never had
but his knowledge of what could have been
was all he had
Save Your Tears
don't cry for me
my tears alone
are quite enough
Hot Shot
she's a loaded gun
with her finger
on the trigger
all for results
fickle or focussed.
its her artillery
her end of the day
her birth of the morning.
bang, you're dead.
you're just a thought
in her loaded head.

"Unsung Treasure", Knut Kargel
Melted Collage, 2012

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