Mar. 09. 2012

Forgiveness Harbor

where is this place
called forgiveness?
its on the underbelly
of the whale
where nobody else
knows what I did
it's beneath the southside of
the sycamore tree
where I am made to feel
at ease
its on the weather vane pennacle
where the stationary rooster crows
I am no longer mad at me
its to the left of the right side of the
desert oasis
where blame no longer lies with us
but in the latitude and longitude
kingdom providences of God
forgiveness harbors herself
at the fifth corner of the earth
where the most blameful's
loved ones are protected
from the lies of truth
there is no
global positioning system
for forgiveness for
she comes home nightly to roost
and sleeps fitfully
in the ventricular catacombs of
everyman's heart

Photo Collage by Knut Kargel

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