June 05. 2012

"How Will I Answer"
when death calls
does one fight until
the end or go with
humble obedience?
when death calls
does one run toward
or run away
even knowing that
with each breath death
inhales then exhales our way?
when death calls
do you skip or crawl?
when death calls
does one cuss and fuss and
kick up dust
or neatly fold one's
dinner napkin and not question
what is happening?
do you wear your Sunday best
and make sure your hair is not a mess?
do you woop-woop and yeah-yeah
or turn within and stare?
when death calls
what do you do yall?
dance a cotillion ball?
two step boogie or
3/4 waltz time?
Is it disorienting or sublime?
do you respond
based on how you lived?
then he'll be on caller ID
when the phone rings
for death to gather my things
and like a bill collector call
I just won't answer at all.

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