Painter, Mexico and Italy

©reated by Eduardo Nuñez Valbuena

The Quadrature of the World

"We plunge into a colourful world: nature, society, existence, life, daily routine, arrangement systems. We distinguish important essential matters and situations: water, earth, fishes, goats, marine-animals, dogs, horses, human faces, horse carriages, vehicles, tables, fruits and a guitar player. It is all about motifs of the private weekday, originated out of the observance of life, of nature and of the civilisation.

The abstractly curtailed and symbolically condensed picture-themes of Nůnez Valbuena reveal a deeply subjective and symbolically condensed view on the tender and life-determining particularities of the world.

His works are figurative concen-trations on the essential matters that manifest themselves in this same world. Through his selective perception the artist is showing us the extrapolated incidents of life, of nature and of our being."

Dr. Rolf Lauter
Director of the Kunsthalle Mannheim

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