God forgive us
We make such an idols of ourselves
We worry and worry
We whine and whine
We complain and show frustration.
The plane is late
Will we miss our connections?
Will the luggage with the medicine and food
Arrive when we arrive?
A lost passport!
God fixes it.
Upgrades our flight
Our luggage arrives and is waiting for us
A friend of a friend of a friend
Who knows somebody who knows somebody
Provides an emergency passport.
Snack for 200 kids
Multiplies to feed 317.
Yet we never, ever spend the same amount of gratitude energy
to match the same wattage of our worry
of our ungraciousness and our unbelief.
Our ungrateful attitude out weighs us
Unbalanced by our meager, “Thank God!”
That is permeated with the smell of “It's about time!”
And we quickly become consumed
By our next worry,
Our next frustration
Our next complaint.

Another Spiritual Flaw
When I'm not tuned into the Holy spirit
My American ingenuity turns into
Missionary insensitivity.

When God When?
When Christ, My Son's Words
Stand up off of the page
When Christ, My Son's Words
Get their walking papers
When Christ My Son's words
Do the doing of the Bible
That's when.
That's when my will
Will finally get done on earth
As it is in heaven.

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