Man Shall Not Live By Bread Alond
What does that really, really, really mean?
As a child growing up that meant, I had to eat my vegetables
and my liver and drink my milk.
As I matured I asked
What should the rest of the buffet consist of?
I knew the rest of the scripture said, “but on the word of God.”
For most new Christians that phrase is
Puzzling, spiritual -psychobabble.
This is where I was in dire need of discipleship.
This is where American Christians
Are destitute in fulfilling the Great Commission.
It says, go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father , and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost: teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and , lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.
It's the “teaching them” part that very rarely gets done
As a new Christian
I filled my plate with family, and lived on church going,
And the do-gooders way of life.
I became religiously obese,
Which left me spiritually out of shape and
Lethargic with a spiritual loneliness;
I became feverishly impatient with folks less religious than I
I became flabby with flippant holier than thou-ness.

Together We Eat
It is one thing to give money for food or to even deliver the food. But the real question becomes,
“Will you eat with me?”
For 2 years during Vacation Bible School I had been feeding the children a snack upon arrival in the mornings and then a snack at the end of our day. One day my dear friend and fellow missionary Cissy came real close to me, unwrapped a Lil' Debbie cracker and demanded, “Eat!!!”

“But, but, but…” I protested. “If I eat, some child won't have anything.”

“The children have never seen you eat. Eat with them!”

I looked at the emaciated children staring at me as they ate in a state of euphoria. I took a bite of the orange peanut buttery cracker. The children froze in mid-chew, the whole room suddenly broke into a smile as the children nodded their heads in approval as if to say, “Together we eat.”

Man shall not live by bread alone,
Man shall not eat
All by himself in solitude…
But by being together and breaking bread…
With each other…

Thank You Cynthia
Cynthia is part of my wonderful support group through Sunday School class. We call our class, Women of Faith. They provide me prayer, financial ,spiritual and moral support. I can lay my soul out vulnerable before them and they help paste me back together with spiritual glue.

One summer Cynthia snuggled up close into my personal space and gave me a piece of fabric and a piece of lace trimming.

“Trade it for something instead of spending money for everything,” she suggested.
Later when I was packing I tucked the fabric and trim into a pocket of my denim travel skirt and I didn't think about it again til I'd been in Haiti for a couple of days. This particular day, I came upon a Haitian woman sitting beside the road, embroidering a table cloth. I inadvertently stuck my hands in my pockets to see if I had any money to purchase anything and discovered the fabric and lace items Cynthia had given me. I walked up to the Haitian woman, fingered her magnificent work and since I don't speak Creole I made positive American sounds of beauty. I gave her the fabric and trim bestowed upon me by Cynthia and walked away

“Miss, Miss, Miss…”

I turned. She hugged the gift of fabric to her bosom and rocked back and forth. I waved, turned back around and whispered, “Thank you Cynthia.” From this point on I vowed to always, bring needles, embroidery thread and pieces of remnant fabric with me on the mission field. “Yes, thank you Cynthia,” Woman cannot live by bread alone but by “every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God. Thank you for teaching me that living is doing the word of God and that all of my doings should be living the words of God.

I'm finally learning
The operative word is LIVE…
Not sustaining breath living
Not brain cell living,
Not heart beat living, but by
The "living" of God's Word…
It is the doing of God's Word that
Makes authentic life happen.

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