Plastic Footprints

Is My Art-Mirror Not Even Sharp Enough?
"Is my art-mirror
not even sharp enough?"
he asked.
She responded,
"No my love,
I fear,
that it is dull and rusty in comparison
to the true vision
upon which any art
merely and clumsily reflects.
Your art, mind you is magnificent, however...
it pales in comparison...
yet we strive
to capture,
to educate,
to titillate,
to compel,
to alter,
to enhance,
to change and
yet respect
that which is
So one asks...
Why do we art?
Why do we then go daily
to 'the factory'
and toil
for excruciating
hour after hour?
you ask?"
She leaned in close
and whispered,
we can!!!"

Ticking Without Tocking
all that
was ugly
smothered earth
in its new beauty
a time bomb
in its microwaved magnificence
without tocking
mother nature
stood clocking
her point of no return.
When Did it Happen?
when yonder
became hither
and up close
was thither
when far fetched
became reality
plastic earth
was birthed

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