The Day the Earth Stuttered

Nobody listens to me. From as far back as I can remember as a child with a severe stuttering problem I was told, “Shut up! Come back when you have something to say!” I am of the era when grownups believed that children are to be seen and not heard, let alone a stu-stu-stuttering child. I conditioned myself to be silent all through Hilltop Elementary School, Carey Busey Elementary School, Jefferson Jr. High School, Centennial High School and most of college. “Come back when you have something to say!” I fixed that. I fixed that. I started writing things down. Folks began to listen.

Now the earth has stuttered. And nobody understands like I understand. They have got Haiti all wrong. But don't you worry Haiti, I'll fix you Haiti the way I fixed me. Not that you "need" fixing, just like I didn't "need" fixing. I wrote me down…now it's your turn. I have written you down. Now the world will know. See I love you Haiti because you always love me back. I believe that when you are in love, you tell everybody. So I'm telling everybody. Here's to you …here's to Haiti.

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