Promise Rain
It rained huge
Texas sized
Haitian drops
Perpendicular to the ground
Surrounding us with the
Sound of bacon frying in
A humungous skillet
Encompassing us with a strong coffee smell of
Sizzling wet earth.
Simultaneously as if on cue
Children rushed out in the rain.
Buckets appeared from everywhere
Littering the earth
To catch the fresh water
A promise from the grocery store of heaven.

Night Orchestra
Masterful God
Directs the night orchestra
Anointing sleep to soothe away
The worries and lack of the day
Children dream of food
Mothers dream of medicines and
Mothers dream of the dead fathers
Of their children
Living down the mountain
With other women.
God conducts the night
Covering the expected horrors of tomorrow
A young boy in a family of 9 counts
The one mango he has
Over and over again
‘til he falls asleep

I See
I see a promised people
Overflowing with the milk and honey
Of dignity and grace
Their lives pared down to
The real human side of the human race

Symphonic earth shades
Blending in with
The harmonic Haitian Sisterscapes
Skin tones of
Ebony green
Hinted hues of midnight mauve
Monochromatic African rainbows
Deep blue browns
Black burgundies
A melodic blend of Mother Earth’s people

Hot Haitian Nights
Sleep adjustments are difficult
In the hot Haitian nights,
Sighing and pillow punching
Tossing and turning
Finally I have sweated enough to
Create a cool spot in which to fall or
More like, stumble asleep…
With the sweetness of His son’s name
God sprinkles comforting dreams
Of family and America
God’s night shift sonata ends
His orchestral darkness chased away
By the sudden lone jazz cry of a brazen grandfather
Donkey who brays
Hee-haw, hee-haw, Go Away Dark!
He repeats his call to the north
Hee-haw, hee-haw, Go Away Dark!
To the east
Hee-haw, hee-haw Go Away Dark!
To the west
Hee-haw, hee-haw Go Away Dark!
Another donkey friend attaches, harmonizing
More brother donkeys and uncle donkeys
Hee-haw, hee-haw, hee-haw
Destroying the remainder of my night
A long legged lean dog
Angry, too, at his disturbed sleep
Knowing it is 4 in t he morning, time to get up
Fusses at the dark he barks
Don't Be Lazy Dark Go Away
Don't Be Lazy Dark Go Away
A hungry barely there baby donkey nudges his mommy
Begging for breakfast
He whisper brays
The night silence has vanished
Completely replaced by hawking birds
And finally
Rooster after rooster after rooster
Interrupted by the scurrying of full grown
Malnourished piglets
Racing each other to be the first for their morning mud bath
All of my Americaness begs not to get up
My head buried under my hot pillow for an hour
It's now 5 o’clock in the morning
I stumble to my knees
And beg God’s forgiveness for the new day dawning.

The Beauty Of Haiti
The fog actually sat in my hand
Amazing morning puffs of
Angel dust hovering, gliding, sliding and bumbling
As heavenly overflow
Spilling on the earth fields
Released to wander and roam
For a brief moment on their own
Dominating this unheavenly earthly home
Then poof!
Inhaled by the sun to return
Sliding through the pearly gates
As splendid pillow cushions
Upon which the angels may once again
Lay their heads.
“I have fallen mad-deep in love with a people and with a place”

“…You Bring Dem More Hope?”
When first I arrived
The children stood before me
Absent of goals
Absent of worthy endeavors.
Absent of child like presence
That is the reflection
I saw in the eyes of the children.
When first I arrived in Haiti.
10 years later
When first I arrive
The children run and leap through the equatorial heat
Chasing my truck,
Yelling and shouting at me
Singing praise at me,
Yes, Jesus Loves Me!” they bellow.
“Mix Yolanda”, the ebony leathered driver shines with a toothless smile,
“the children are happy to see you again, mam,
Every time you come you bring them more hope.”
It have found that my Jesus-like presence
Gives them back their presence of child hood.

The Holyness Of A Shower Curtain
The church was overflowing full
As the people “Ahmin-ed” their Amens
Facing the pulpit whose back drop
Was a plastic shower curtain
They sang and sang and sang
Lifting the invisible roof that stretched
Touching heaven’s floor
Sitting skin overlapping skin
To get everybody in
The overflow people were the stained glass window panes
As they listened and listened and listened
Standing room only
To the preacher man who spoke a language
Only they could understand
As the people “Ahmin-ed” their Amens
Facing the pulpit whose back drop was a shower curtain
I imagined
My church in America
Where the congregation choked in apathy on their praise
And the windows were stained with glass
And the ceiling was acoustically correct
To accommodate the silence
As the preacher preached in front
Of an intricate museum inspired mural
Of Jesus with sad eyes embracing an even sadder eyed baby lamb
I stood and shouted Amen
The Haitian people “Ahmin-ed” my Amen
And I didn’t want the church service to end
As I faced the pulpit, whose backdrop was
A Holy shower curtain.

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