I hurriedly scurried into church and tried to slip unnoticed into a pew. That day God placed me strategically in the balcony behind a stressed out mom and her rambunctious two year old son. He fiddled and wiggled and alternated between walking the pew and crawling on his belly like a reptile. He then delighted himself by repeatedly rolling back and forth under the pew until he started giggling profusely. The mother dug frantically through her purse, pulled out a baggy of Honey Nut Cheerios and desperately dangled the prize out over her lap. The little boy, made a bee line to his mother's lap and sat like an angel docilely popping the cheerios one at a time into his mouth. I couldn't believe it was the same child.

Aha, Aha, Aha,!!! Cereal!!!
Light weight, filling, you don't have to have fire to cook it. Perfect for Vacation Bible School snack for the children of Haiti and home visits. I could hear angels singing in the background. “Aaahaaaaaaaa”!!!

When I shared the “aha” light bulb moment with my prayer partners they burst my spiritual high.

“You can't take cereal, they will need milk.”

I was stumped. Milk never entered my mind.

I stammered, “I made it through college eating dry Sugar Frosted Flakes in the middle of the night.” The raised eyebrows of my upper middle class American prayer warriors cut me to the quick. I went on to say, humbly reminded of my own personal poverty, “Mothers in America often feed their children dry cereal in public to keep them quiet.”

“Cereal without milk?” I could see this was about socio-economics.

I left the prayer session frustrated. I got into my 1998 used Dodge Caravan, slammed the door, looked into my rear view mirror and God said, “Man does not live by milk alone.” I forget often times that God has a tremendous sense of humor.

7 days week before I left for Haiti, my Sunday School class and prayer partners surprised me with a cereal party. They filled the back of my 1998 used dodge Caravan with baggy after baggy after baggy of cereal. Bees came from miles around, beaconed by the sweet aroma that embraced my ride, and we all stood in a huge circle around my van and they all prayed for my journey.

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