Every time I returned home to my America, I took stock of my intentions and did spiritual inventory.

Mandatory Christian Chorus Requirement
Calling 101--"The Great Commission": a basic mandatory introductory class requirement for new Christians; recognizing, defining, embracing and empowering the call; final exam--7 days on the mission field (this class cannot be audited)

When I'm Honest With Myself
I have missed calls
Sitting by the phone
Screening my caller ID
Watching the phone ring,
I have observed others answering the call
Even though I was closer to the call
I have even unplugged the phone
So as not to be bothered by calls
And when I'm honest with myself…
I have tragically treated the call of God the same.

The Doing
The call is simple.
The call is
The invitation to work with the doing power of God
God is love and love is doing
Feelings and emotions
Are not love
They are the by products of love
Not the validation for love
Nor the substantiation of love
God's love power
Embarks seasons
Launches rainbows and ocean waves
Dies to itself
This is the call
The call to doing love.

The Call To Do What?
The call to do what?…
Yup, uh-huhn. Well that's vague.
A long, long silence ensued.
Sorry that wasn't very respectful
Forgive me for being rude.

God is love
Duh-uh---forgive me Lord, but I know that. That's the second Bible verse I learned as a child, after Jesus wept.
That's love too.
To love so much, to have so much compassion that you cry over what you see. Not just the physical state of things, but the spiritual and emotional emaciation throughout the world. Many teach that I cried over the physical loss of my dear cousin Lazarus. I could easily fix Lazarus, my cousin's death situation, but I cried over the accusatory tones of my friends and family for my late arrival. It is very rarely taught that I cried because I am bound by my Mercy and Grace covenant to man to allow man freedom of choice. So I wept for Martha and Mary's choice of unbelief.

You know I was raised to believe that only sissies cry.

Yes, I know. In other words are you telling me that I, Jesus, the Son of God, am a sissy over you? Wouldn't it be awesome if your belief about me was as strong as your belief about crying being for sissies...or your belief and dependence on gravity and the theory of relativity or Murphy's law. You wouldn't be half bad, Yolantha, if you had just as much trust in Me as you have trust in that chair you're sitting in to hold you up.

A long, long, long, silence…this time from me.

Stop being secret service Christians
I sent Jesus my son
I sent Him out into the open
The great commission is the call for all CIA:
It's a call to go
Not observe
Not supervise
Not critique.
It's a call to making
Not pontificating
It's not about making excuses of why you can't
But it's about making excuses of why you can
Because the day is gonna come for each and every one
When you will have to explain
Why you didn't do the right thing as well as
Why you did.

You A Lie!
Surely you aren't talking to me
Surely not me
If you had told me as a child
That I would grow up to be a missionary
I would probably have said
“You a lie”
And stormed out of the room.
Even today, after 12 years
On the foreign mission field
I still often can't believe it
And want to storm out of the room.

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