Why Me?
Why me?
I'm asking, not angrily
Or in a what did I do to deserve this sort of way.
But in a humble,
God, I'm not worthy of your attention sort of way.
Why me?
I have no power
No influence,
I'm not moneyed or sugar daddy honeyed
I've got no political clout
My own personal earth poverty gets in the way
Of the providential poverty suffered by authentically starving folks.
Why me?
I asked a stranger as I shared a testimony about the abandoned children
while Standing in the long line at Wal-Mart.
The woman in front of her
Had been eavesdropping.
She leaned around the other stranger I had been talking to and said
“God knew it would affect you so deeply that you wouldn't be able to let it go.”
The stranger, the Angel in the Wal-Mart line was right.
I sleep very well, but in the waking hours of my every day I am haunted by the eyes housed in hopeless abandonment on the mountainsides of Haiti.
Living the death of waiting, waiting, waiting…
I can't let it go.

Making A Difference
Learned about the real
Learned on the mission field.

She whispered to me, “When I grow up I want to be a doctor.”

What Is The Mission Field?
The mission field is an awesome place
Which presents awesome situations
That yield awesome testimonies.
It is right across the ocean or
It's sitting or even sleeping right next to you
It's the Master's program for faith
It's the testing ground by which testimonies are made
It's the making or breaking point of religion
It's the Christ of the Christian
Or the evil of the Devil
It's turning Sodom and Gomorrah into glory land
Or it's just business as usual
Waiting for the next missionary to take a stand.

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep
I thank you without rhyme or reason
Because you bless me when I'm in and out of season
I thank you and praise you for who you are.
The Almighty
The God of Glory
The God of Wealth and Provisions
The God of Miracles
The God of I can't but He can
The God of Approachability
The God of Love, Peace and Value and Worthiness
The God of Details
I thank you for the $10 crumpled under the sofa cushion
When I thought I was broke
I thank you for the $100 somebody snuck into my purse at church
I thank you for the two dollars donated by the first grader Michaela
What a sacrifice of her allowance she made
I thank you and I thank you and I thank you
God I thank you for my family,
God bless Erin,
God bless Diamond,
God bless Mother, and Daddy,
God bless my 4 brothers
Raphael, Thaxter, Xerxes and Burdick,

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